Promposal… say what?

Let’s take a moment to go back to school. Back to high school. Back to your senior (or maybe junior) year. Remember when you were waiting on that guy to ask you to the prom?

You asked your friend to ask his friend to ask him if he was taking someone. Then he told his friend to tell your friend to tell you that he wasn’t sure yet. Then at some point he managed to catch you when you were alone at your locker (like THAT wasn’t planned) and he practically choked on his own tongue as “Willyougototothepromwithme?” tumbled out of that terrified boy. He was sure that you were going to laugh at him and he would never live it down. He’d be scarred for life, unable to ever regain his confidence. But you said yes.

Let’s look at this from his perspective. Perhaps he asked his friend to ask her friend if she was seeing anyone, or if someone had already asked her. Then he waited outside the classroom room door to catch her between classes or at her locker after school. When he finally uttered those seven little words, “Will you go to prom with me?”  he released an audible sign that the pressure was off. And if by some chance the answer was no, the only witnesses were John Stamos and the guys from Duran Duran staring out from inside her locker.

Oh, What’s that? You had been dating your boyfriend for six months prior to prom and the only question he asked you was “What color tie and belt thingy do you want me to wear?” AHHHH those were the days. Not so simple anymore my friend.

Welcome to the age of the Promposal.

No longer can a boy just ask a girl to the prom. He must do it in such a way that will make her friends “ooohhh” and “aaahhh” and make her the envy of all the underclassmen. It must be something that can be photographed and posted on Instagram (#SheSaidYes #Promposal #MyGuyIsAwesome).

Here are just a few examples:

Simple: Image

Romantic: Image

Elaborate: Image


and EXPENSIVE (That’s $50. I checked!) Image

So now what happens if she says no?  THE WHOLE SCHOOL has just witnessed what might be the most #AWKWARD! moment of a young man’s year.  How does one recover from such a public rejection with dignity? This guy has just gone to great effort and expense to create this scrapbook worthy moment that she’ll never forget… and he’s got dozens of witnesses. Pressure? I’d say so. I can’t even imagine. Guys, make sure she really likes you. Girls, be gentle.

My son has completed this rite of passage. He has been dating his girlfriend for about six months. But no way was he getting off the hook with out some concerted effort. So he went with the sentimental approach. Since we live at the beach, he had to tie that in somehow. But someone had already dug  the word PROM in 40 foot high letters and photographed it from the 20th floor of the condo. And someone had already spelled PROM in seashells. So now what?

A PICNIC! He and his dad cooked a pasta and meatball dinner and he took her to the beach for a sunset meal. As he was unpacking the bag he asked her to hand him the napkins and on the top napkin he had written “PROM?”

Of course she said “yes”. So now we just need the tux. And corsage. And dinner reservations. And Limo.